My Vision for Post-Grad Life

I just want to take a moment to compare how I saw my life after graduating and how it had turned out to be.

Basically my whole life I’ve identified as a student. School, homework, and studying for exams is what I know how to do. Which is probably why graduating was so scary because I had no idea what to expect. I’ve always “joked” (but serious) that when I thought about my life after graduation, I saw nothing but a black hole.

But, sometimes I would also see this….

After I graduated I would find a random spot to lay outside and I would just lay there all day and all night and not have any responsibilities or worries… like it was my job to just lay there for the rest of my life.

But you know, I’d have to eat and drink to stay alive… At this point, people are really respectful of others and are constantly looking out for one another…so, my food supply depended on strangers who are going about their days. People would see me and just automatically know that I need to be fed… so as they walked by (Like on their way to class or to work or something) they will know to casually drop food in my mouth and continue on with their day.  

But then, eventually, I would have to go the bathroom. So I would just go to the bathroom as I lay. But rather than laying in my own feces for the rest of my life, I will do ONE full roll over to the right. So the only time I’m allowed to move from my spot is after I go to the bathroom where I can roll one to the side.

However, if I find myself up the top of a mountain or hill or something and I just went to the bathroom and my one roll is down a slope, I’m allowed to freely roll until I come to a complete stop. So hills/mountains are the equivalent to those mushroom things in Super Mario Kart that when you run over them, they make your car go faster. Basically, a real life power booster.

Also rivers would fall into this category because if I roll into a river, I just have to keep floating down the river until I wash back up on shore and then I continue on rolling from there. So the idea is that eventually I will roll all over the United States or even the world.

But as you know, things don’t always go as planned because God always has something else up his sleeve for you.


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