30 Before 30: #23 Learn how to take a good picture

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with  my new camera. All I want to do is go out, play and experiment with this awesome Christmas gift. When I’m home, I read articles on photography, pin photos that inspire me, and come up with ideas and places where I want my next photo adventure to be. The more I do it, the more obsessed I become!

Last Wednesday I decided that I wanted to venture out alone on the mountain and try and capture the sunset. I was so excited to get out and spend some quality time in my favorite place. I even left early so I could give myself enough time to drive up, set up, and experiment with the many different settings on my Cannon.

I drove about an hour to one of my favorite look out spots, parked my car, got out and started snapping pictures. I snapped almost a dozen photos when I finally went to review them and I saw the dreadful words,

No Memory Card

I left my memory card in my laptop…I. Was. So. MAD! I immediately started cursing myself. Calling myself stupid and feeling so discouraged because I felt like I couldn’t even trust myself! Like seriously, Aly? You had one job and you failed.

At that point it was only like 4:00 p.m. and the sun wasn’t planning on setting until around 5:44 (according to my weather channel app). So after I finally calmed down, I decided I was going to wait it out. After all, I came all this way for a sunset… so a sunset is what I was going to get!!! Luckily, I had my phone for any photo ops.

So I sat in my car, in silence (I didn’t want to drain my car battery) and just let my thoughts take over.

I stayed up there for a little over an hour until I figured I should probably head back. I was alone and didn’t want to be up there in the dark, in case something were to happen. I drove back down and caught the rest of the sunset at another favorite spot that overlooks the city of Gatlinburg.

FullSizeRender (5)

Sun setting over Gatlinburg

Even though, I thoroughly disappointed myself that day, I don’t regret the trip. I still got to see a beautiful sunset, snap some great photos and also learned how to show myself grace.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying this little hobby and wanted to share a few of my favorite photos with you.


4 responses to “30 Before 30: #23 Learn how to take a good picture

  1. Welcome to the world of photography . Been doing it for many years before digital camera existed but never get sick of it . Just think how much films and slides I wasted to get the right image.It’s all worth and I hope you keep it up with it because it is very rewarding in so many ways . It gave me an excuse to travel to different places and enjoy remote and scenic areas . Remember after learning the technical aspect of your camera then focus on
    light, composition and your subject are part of getting a good image ..


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