Snippets of Home

Have you ever thought about what brings you comfort? And what about it is comforting?

For me, it’s the sound of a hair dryer and a running shower. I’m not really sure why but when somebody else is showering or using a hair dryer, I just like to sit outside the door and just listen. Isn’t that weird? That sounds so creepy.

But I just remember as a child, I would hear my mom get up in the morning, close the door to the bathroom and begin getting ready for work. As soon as I heard the shower start, I’d get up with my pillow and curl up on the floor in front of the bathroom door and listen to her get ready.

Last week I finally got to experience my first snow in Tennessee. The weather called for a snow storm of a few inches. People were freaking out. They were stocking up on groceries, schools were cancelled the day before, and every news station was warning us all to just stay off the roads. Even my mom was texting me from WI warning me to be careful driving and to stay home if I could.

It felt like Christmas morning waking up to snow that day. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t miss the below freezing temperatures up North. However, I didn’t realized how much I actually missed the snow until it actually snowed.

When I lived in Wisconsin there would be times where I didn’t even know we were expecting snow. I’d wake up some mornings, open my window and see like 3 feet of snow on the ground and think, “Oh, it snowed? Huh.” and move on with my day. But here, it’s like.. “Oh, it snowed? FINALLY, SNOW!” and then think about how much I love snow for the rest of the day because there’s nothing more exciting than having a legit excuse to do nothing but be a blanket burrito for the day.

The feeling that morning was like waking up and finding out that school was cancelled. The excitement was just all too familiar. So I did what I do best on snow days and buried myself in blankets and watched Netflix with Smalls. I just felt so happy and safe watching the snow fall from my inside my little apartment; the same content feeling I’d felt laying in front of that bathroom door as a child. It felt like I was back home again and I was able to embrace the true comfort of snow.

Not to mention, a snowy-covered mountain is absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately, the snow only lasted a few days, a week in other areas and it’s pretty much all gone now. I was a little disappointed to see it disappear so fast but maybe that’s a good thing… I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I did.

But damn, just look how beautiful this is! This video was taken off of a deck of one of the chalets that Mountain Laurel rents out.

So I’m curious, what is something that brings you comfort?









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