Moonshine, Beer and Lauren Metcalf

This past week, one of my oldest and dearest friend came and granted me a visit in Tennessee! For those who don’t know, Lauren and I have been close friends since 7th grade.

In 7th grade, Lauren and I sat near each other in Mr. Roberts’ Social Studies class. It must have been after my birthday because after class, I told her to come to my locker because I had something to show her. She followed me to my locker after class where I showed her the Holy Grail of all birthday presents…..

a pink Motorola Razr cell phone.

and in that moment, we became friends.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

What an effective way to make friends, huh?  Maybe I need to start using that technique to make friends down here in Tennessee. I don’t know. But something about that pink cell phone that made Lauren and I connect. Either she thought I was cool for having one, or she was just pretending to be my friend so she could just use me to make phone calls on it (I didn’t have texting yet).

Anyway, we’ve been friends ever since and she came to see me in Tennessee last week! So exciting!

Lauren just finished up an internship in Orlando Florida and was heading back up to Wisconsin. Well as it turns out, Sevierville is conveniently located smack in the middle of her route back to Milton.

She drove up Tuesday night and we got dinner and caught up on life. Wednesday we had all day to spend exploring Gatlinburg. Unfortunately, the weather sucked and it was way to foggy to see any mountain. So we got up early and explored downtown Gatlinburg. We got breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (classic) and toured the Aquarium. Obviously, you can’t come to Gatlinburg without sampling free alcohol. We tried different wines and moonshine and decided to stop by the brewery. Yeah, that sounds like a lot but no worries! We paced ourselves, ate accordingly and hung out until we were able to safely drive home.

 Anyway, it was refreshing having a familiar face here. Kyle and I have been blessed when it comes to family and friends coming to visit. We’ve had a steady stream of visitors since we’ve moved here and it’s definitely been helping the homesickness. Which surprisingly, I haven’t been in awhile. It’s just fun to be able to share a place that I love with those who I love.

So for all those who have come and stayed with us we appreciate and love you!

And for those who haven’t seen us yet, what are you waiting for?!

My tiny apartment is always open 🙂


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