Blessed with the best

Good friends are hard to come by.

Boy ain’t that the truth. Since I’ve moved away from Wisconsin I haven’t found that friend that totally gets me 100%. Back home I was blessed with a roommate where from the very first moment we met, we immediately hit it off and it was through her where I met even more amazing people. Without Natalie, I wouldn’t have the best friends that I have today.


A couple weeks ago, my favorite pals made the trip from Wisconsin to Tennessee to see me! I was so excited to finally be able to show them this life that I had built myself in this beautiful state. As I drove into the airport and saw them all with their luggage waving and jumping excitedly to see me, my heart became so full. After squeezing the life out of each other with hugs, we all hopped into my car. A majority of our conversation on the car ride to my apartment consisted of how completely shocked we were that this was real life. “I can’t believe this is actually happening!” became the phrase-of-the-day. Like, We actually pulled it off and got the gang back together again.

Sara, Natalie, and Emily flew down on Wednesday afternoon. I was lucky enough to get off work to pick them up from the airport and spend the afternoon with them. However Thursday and Friday I had to work during the days. Boo. It sucked that I lost that time with them but it still all worked out. Saturday was the only full day I got to spend with them. We got up early and went ziplining at Wahoo Ziplines in Sevierville. After ziplining we went back to my apartment, grabbed some lunch and left for Cades Cove. It turned out to be a perfect, cool, clear spring day for this adventure. The mountain was so clear and the deer were grazing the fields. Traffic wasn’t too terrible either for a Saturday! We all had a blast exploring the old churches and taking in all the beauty.


Unfortunately, all vacations have to end sometime and this one was no different. Sunday afternoon I drove them all back to the Knoxville airport to catch their plane back home. I absolutely hate Tyson McGhee airport because it brings nothing but sadness to me. Last time I was there, I was dropping off  Kyle and my parents after they moved me here. That memory still brings tears to my eyes. Goodbyes aren’t easy and this one wasn’t any different.

I know we’ll all be reunited in a couple of months for Nat’s wedding (HOLLAAAA!) however, it does make me second-guess my decision to move here. It’s not easy finding a solid group of girls that loves me for me. And how do I even find anyone as perfect as this bunch?  I can’t! I’m sure (I pray) that I’ll find my own southern “squad” here, however nothing will ever compare to what  I have back home. ❤



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