Sunday Funday: Cousin Extravaganza

Sunday’s are the only days that Kyle and I have together. Isn’t that crazy?? We live together and they way that our schedules are, we only see each other once a week. So I decided to try something new… as a way to get me to post on this blog more often, I’m documenting these Sundays together.

So to start out this series is a cousin extravaganza!

This past week, Kyle’s cousin, Erica and her husband Alec decided to pay us a semi-surprise visit! They were on their way down to Florida and stopped in Tennessee for a couple nights to see Kyle and I. They arrived Saturday evening and we spent the majority of the night chatting and catching up on the couch until we realized that it was 1 a.m.!

The next morning we got up early, ate a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon, packed up our things and headed to the mountains for a hike. Since they were only here for a couple of days, Kyle and I wanted to take them on a short trail with the best view. We decided on Chimney Tops. This is one of our favorite trails to take people on because it’s exactly what you’d expect when you think of a hike through the mountains. The whole trail is inclined so it legit feels like you’re just walking up the side of the mountains. On the way you see bridges, creeks, and wildflowers covering the forest floor. Although the steepness of the hike can feel a bit strenuous, the sore muscles and sweaty backs all become worth it once you reach the top. In order to achieve the panoramic view, you have to rock climb the last portion. At first glance, it’s very intimidating. But you just have to work up the courage and take it a step at time and once you get to the top you can smile knowing that you climbed to the very peak of a mountain!

After our hike, we decided to head downtown, grab a bite to eat and sampled some moonshine, of course. As a way to show people the “Gatlinburg Experience” we always take them downtown to sample. Although Kyle and I have done it multiple times, we enjoy seeing the reactions of virgin moonshine-tasters. Kyle works at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery so he took us “behind the scenes” where we got a quick lesson on distilling moonshine and tasted the “real stuff”. Afterwards, we stopped by the aquarium, sobered up and headed back home.

It was such a beautiful day out, that we decided to grill out. We made burgers and rocked away on the rocking chairs as we watched Kyle and Erika attempt Shine Pong- a game we made up (or rather, Alec made up). We had wanted to play beer pong but didn’t have enough red solo cups. So instead we used the empty jars of moonshine that we had stored away in our kitchen. It’s almost embarrassing how many of those jars we have. But just think of all the crafts I can make with them! (stay tuned) But that’s beside the point. Needless to say Shine pong is an impossible game.

Afterwards, we were all so tired we just laid around and fell asleep. They left the next morning and I must say, I was sad to see them go. We all had a lot of fun and I’m really happy they stopped by. Kyle and I have been blessed with visitors and words cannot express how much we appreciate it. I’m lucky that Kyle has a great family and over the years I’ve started to get to know them more and more, in which they have began to feel a little more like family to me as well.


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