Welcome to WonderWorks

What is WonderWorks?

Well, it’s the upside-down building in Pigeon Forge.

SIDE NOTE: For all of my Wisconsin friends, DO NOT be confused with the upside-down White House (with the T-Rex coming out of it) in the Wisconsin Dells. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. I have no idea what that place is. I’m actually surprised that place is still even in business. Does it even have a name? Anyways, I digress.

So, WonderWorks.

WonderWorks is considered, an “Indoor Amusement Park for the Mind.” There’s a TON of interactive exhibits and fun activities to do in there. Everything inside is science-based and has educational value. An interactive science or discovery zone is probably the best way to describe it. There’s a 4 story ropes course, lazer tag, rock wall, Dr. Seuss art gallery, space zone, bubble lab, seriously sooooo much stuff. It’s probably easier to just check out the website.

Anyways, this job transition all happened so fast. At the time, I wasn’t really actively looking for a new job, I more or less stumbled upon it. I was online searching for jobs that I could send to Kyle to apply for. I saw the title, “Sales & Marketing Coordinator” and scrolled right past it because whenever I see the word “Sales” it freaks me out. But as I kept browsing, the link kept popping so I finally clicked on it and saw the words, “blog”, “social media”, “events”, and “marketing team” and I was sold. I sent in my resume but didn’t really expect much out of it.

It wasn’t even an hour later when I got a call from HR asking me to come in the next day for an interview. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too nervous about it. I had the attitude of “whatever happens, happens” and went with it. I also didn’t want to get my hopes up.

The interview ended up going really well. So well, in fact that they offered me the position at my interview…which totally caught me off guard. I had a few days to think about it and ended up happily accepting the offer.

I’ve been at WonderWorks for about 3 months now and so far, I’m loving it. This position allows me to utilize all of the skills I’ve gained with my degree including, writing, social media,  pr, event coordinating and now I’m learning a little bit of sales which is always useful and it’s now, not so intimidating. All the bits of pieces I’ve learned through various classes and internships are now coming together.

As a Sales and Marketing Coordinator I do a little bit of everything, which I  really enjoy because every day is different. I mainly assist with the coordination of educational groups, camps and scouts that come in for field trips. I also help coordinate events and attend any trade shows or community events. In addition, I create content and manage the social media accounts and respond to TripAdvisor reviews. Currently, I’m in the process of creating a blog for WonderWorks so hopefully that’ll be up and running and I can get back to blog-writing! It’s just all neat that everything that I learned in college and through different internships are now all coming together through this position.

My favorite part of my job is my team. Everybody is very easy-going, supportive and always open to hearing new ideas. Not to mention that there are a lot more people closer to my age here which is cool. Also, I have my own office and I gotta say, it’s nice having my own work space.

I am beyond thankful for God allowing me this opportunity and I am excited to see where He decides to lead me next because I still have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m headed. All I know is I’ll continue to follow faithfully and blindly towards His direction.

So if anyone is ever in the Smoky Mountains, make sure to stop by the upside-down building. Also, reminder: The upside-down White House in the Dells is not affiliated with WonderWorks (I admit, I thought it was before I worked here).





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