For as long as I can remember, Lucy has always been by my side.

It was my 5th birthday when my dad came home with this cute little farm kitten. I honestly don’t remember the exact moment I had received her however I can imagine that I was pretty dang excited about it because she was my first pet.

One thing I do remember, though, is that because she was mine I was allowed to name her. I remember wanting to name her Sally because Sally was my favorite character in the Peanuts Gang. My mom wasn’t too fond of the name and instead, we settled for Lucy – another character from the cartoon.

Seriously, the name “Sally” would have suited her better because Sally was such a b-word to the Peanuts Gang and Lucy-the-cat was one too! When Lucy was a kitten, she would hide in the doorways and whenever you walk down the hall, she would attack your feet. Like, full-on POUNCE and she would just absolutely gnaw on you with her teeth. You couldn’t help but panic and kick her across the room.

When Adam was younger, he would stand at the end of the hallway and cry because he’d see Lucy’s head poked out of a doorway, down the hall, with dilated pupils, thirsting for blood. He knew he would be Lucy’s next victim….

So we had to adapt….If you wanted to travel down the hall scratch/bite-free you had 2 options….

  1. Walk with a pillow in front of your feet
  2. Full on sprint down the hallway and strategically long-jump over the the area in front of the doorway where she was lurking.

Lucy would also randomly nip at you while you were petting her. She’d beg for love then when she had her fix, she’d bite you and run away. Not to mention that when she slept in my room, she’d hop on my dresser or desk and knock things off, waking me up in the  wee hours of the morning THEN when I got out of bed to kick her out, she’d hide under my bed… only to emerge again a few minutes later to start the annoying process all over again.

Although Lucy could be a real POS she was also my favorite girl. She’d always be sleeping on my bed, and cuddle with me on the couch when I read. She’d lay on my chest and purr and purr. She’s been by my side since the first day of kindergarten to my first year into adulthood. She’s been there for kindergarten, middle school, high school and college graduations and all of the other huge milestones in my life. She has been with me for 18 out of the 23 years of my life. That’s quite a significant chunk of time. She became a huge part of our family and she IS my childhood.

When I went home in June, I had a feeling it was going to be the last time I cuddled her. She was old and I knew her time was coming to an end. Actually she was such a healthy old cat that a part of me honestly thought that she was going to live forever. My last moment with her, we laid on the couch together, she purred and purred while I cried. Even though I didn’t know when she was going to pass away, I knew it was coming soon and it broke my heart that I wasn’t going to be there for her like she had been for me.

Before I left to head back to TN I made Kyle snap a few photos of her and I


While my parents were here visiting, we were all sitting in the living room catching up when I asked my mom how Lucy was doing. It go awkwardly quiet when she replied, “We had to put her down last week.”

So Lucy, this blog post is for you! I know you’re just a cat but you became family. Thank you so much for the memories and for always waiting for me in my room whenever I came home for the past 18 years of my life. I love and miss you ❤





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