Newest resident to apt. 1202



Everyone meet Macie!


She is the cutest cat in the world and I love her.

When my parents came down to visit me back in August they brought this sweet girl with them.

We adopted her from Kyle’s dad and stepmom because she doesn’t get along with one of their dogs. I was a little hesitant about taking her because we already have Smalls but I’m a big softy when it comes to animals and couldn’t see this cutie go to a shelter.

Macie joined us in August when my family came down to visit, they were kind enough to bring her down. It’s funny because she adjusted to her new home a lot smoother than Smalls did. For a few days she hid in Kyle’s closet but soon enough, she was strutting around like she owned the place. She wasn’t a huge fan of Smalls either. The first time she saw him, she freaked out by hissing and squirting poop out her butt. Smalls grew up around other animals and before Macie came, he being an only child was a first for him. Although he was very cautious of her presence he was curious and got used to her in no time.

Now, they chase each other around the house and play with their toys together. It’s quite adorable.

It’s funny because Smalls and Macie are such opposites. Smalls is a super chill cat that doesn’t give a crap about anything or anyone. He only cuddles when HE wants to cuddle and usually does his own thing. Catnip doesn’t affect him, he’s picky when it comes to cat toys and he doesn’t like cat treats or wet food. Actually, it’s quite uncertain if he’s really a cat.

Macie, however loves cuddling and will purr up a storm by just lying next to you. She loves to be little spoon and devours wet cat food, plays with all cat toys and acts like a freak when you give her catnip. She is seriously the cutest and most loveable cat I’ve ever had.


Every day when I get home from work, she’s there greeting me at the door and then follows me everywhere I go… Even the bathroom. My favorite thing is when she hears my alarm go off in the morning, she hops on my bed and cuddles with me until I finally get up. Then, as I sit down to get ready for the day, she hops on my lap and just sleeps and purrs as I do my makeup.

I just love her! I call her my “cutie cat”… Kyle calls her Chubs.

I’ve always joked about being a cat lady, but I think I officially became one because it’s sad how much I love them. Kyle and I seriously treat them like our children and we spoil them rotten. Both Kyle and I are dog people so if we love our cats this much, just imagine how loved our future dog will be…


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