52 Weeks of Photos

It’s a new year which means new project!

In 2015 I received a camera for Christmas, in 2016 I enrolled myself in a photography class and in 2017 I’m challenging myself to 52 weeks of photos.

I’m hoping this experience will help me feel more confident behind my Canon, where I can explore more in-depth of what my camera is capable of. Or better yet, what I’m capable of. 2016 was all about the hustle and grind…I consistently worked both full time and part time for a whole year. Now that I’m feeling more financially stable, this year I’m focusing less on work and more on fun.

In 2017 I would like to start thinking more creatively. I’m giving myself a break of pursuing professional or financial “success” and pursuing an actual hobby instead. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m good at and I can’t figure that out unless I try things.

So, here I am doing a 52 week of photo challenge. Please be nice to me, I’m new at this. Here’s my list….

15823379_10154889995524660_1457107455249580950_n#50 is blank because I couldn’t think of anything so I just left it blank thinking that I would come back to it. But Jenna was the first to call it out so I let her chose! I’m calling it, “Jenna’s Choice”.

Here’s the dealio…I’ll post photos every Thursday to this instagram account -> alycat_cam so if ya have an Insta, hmu why don’t ya? I’ll also post each one on this blog as a way to force myself to keep up with this darn thing. In addition, give a brief explanation of each photo, my experience taking the photo, what I learned, etc. So, if you haven’t already, go follow me on Instagram and stay tuned!




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