3/52 Something Red

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetISO 1600 | F/4.5 | 1/25

I came home early from work and searched all over my house for things that were red (the most difficult part of this week’s challenge). We don’t have much red in this apartment. Even our apples aren’t red! We like green ones.

Anyways, I found a tube of red lipstick and decided to roll with it.

I was nervous that I wasn’t going to get this done this week because I didn’t make time for myself to do it over the weekend. I don’t get home from work on the weekdays until after 5 and by then the sun is gone and it’s dark. My bedroom lights also don’t provide the greatest light situation and I’m just not advanced enough in working with tricky lighting. However, I can honestly say that I did make an attempt, it just didn’t turn out for me.

So Tuesday I had the opportunity to leave work early before the sun went down. I drove straight home and went to work on this while I still had some day left.  I ended up finishing this in less than an hour. I just set up my camera, slapped on some red lipstick and snapped a few photos.

I wanted my red lips to pop so I decided to go with a low aperture to focus on my lips and blur out the rest as much as I could. It was a rainy, cloudy day so I positioned myself to face the window and used a higher ISO.

The one thing that I would like to change about this photo is getting rid of my elephant canvas that’s peeping through in the background. I know I can easily fix that on Photoshop, but I just bought a brand new laptop over the weekend so my credit card is currently maxed out and has no room for a subscription for Photoshop. Maybe next week!

Well week 3 is officially crossed off the list and looking forward to week 4!














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