4/52 High Angle

ISO 800| f/11 | 1/250

I cheated this week.

I took this photo for my photography class back in September/October. However, it’s one of my favorite photos!

I like it because of how colorful it is. Also…a little fun fact, when I took this photo, the ball was actually spinning. I was playing with my shutter speed and capturing the difference between a fast shutter speed and a slow shutter speed. The fast SS freezes and object whereas a slower one will show movement and will blur the object in motion.

There’s really not much more to say about this photo except that my cat is cute and I love her like she is my child and it’s a bit pathetic how much Kyle and I spoil her.  Just look how adorable she is!

Ok, enough about my cat. Sorry this post wasn’t as interesting as the others but I think this video of my furbaby makes it all worth it.

See you next week!




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