5/52 Fruit

thisISO 3200 | f/5 | 1/200

Sorry for the late posting!

Not going to lie, I put this week’s photo off because I just wasn’t that excited about it. Like fruit? Really, Aly?  It actually felt like homework doing it and I was actually thinking about skipping it.

But, I’m so happy I did it! I learned so much during this “photoshoot”.

I didn’t want to take just a boring photo of a fruit sitting on a table. So I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and there were a lot of ideas that I actually liked. I was surprised how creative some people get with fruit. 52a8ec624fcb4668e2cf3a8b080dffe8

<-This orange photo is where I got the idea from. I knew I wanted to incorporate water because you can do a lot of cool effects with it and your shutter speed. I wanted accomplish this same effect of the water bouncing off the fruit, but the water pressure of my faucet just wasn’t strong enough. The water just ran over the fruit..but my camera still was able to catch a few drips here and there AND I have to say that the bubbles look really neat.

One thing I had issues with was the fact that my kitchen doesn’t have a window so I didn’t have any natural lighting to take advantage of. To compensate, I used my flash which I’m still not too confident in using yet so I really wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. But I’m quite pleased on how it turned out.

I always pick my 2 favorites and send them to my dad to choose and critique. He gives some great advice (and it gives me a reason to text him) love you dad! So when I’m torn between 2 photos I’ll use one as my feature photo and the other I’ll feature in my post – which explains why there was an orange when you clicked on this link.

Well, next week features a photo from a low angle and I already have a few ideas for this one so make sure to tune in next week!




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