6/52 Low Angle


ISO 200 | 1/250 | f/8

This was a fun day. My photography class had taken a field trip to downtown Knoxville to photograph things.

This is the Sun Sphere located at World’s Fair Park in Knoxville.

Picture this…. me with a camera, laying on my back on this green ledge thing taking a photo of the sky. Can you envision that? That is an accurate depiction of how I captured this photo. It was the most uncomfortable thing but worth it.

Fun fact, there’s an elevator that takes you inside, to the top of this thing and you get a pretty awesome view of downtown. Actually, my TN friends took me here on my first ever trip to Knoxville and this was one of their “Aly must experience this” attraction. It was pretty neat, especially at night.

What I like most about his photo is how you can see a gold reflection on the and how symmetrical the sides are. However, I wish their were a little less cloud and more blue in the sky to make it look more interesting. I suppose once I learn Photoshop, that is something I can edit.

Well week #6 is complete! Next week the subject is “eyes” which sounds so simple, yet I have no idea how I plan on curating it so I guess we’ll see what happens!


p.s. If you can see my Instagram photo on the side of this post, I hope you enjoy the photo of my cat yawning


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