12/52 Something new

ISO 100 | f/4.5 | 1/1000

I had noooo idea what to do for “something new.” But since this week was my birthday and I’m celebrating a new year, I thought that 24 would be my “something new”. So I got the idea to take a photo with a birthday cake with the number candles on it and that would be my something new. But after I took it, I thought that instead, it’d be a nice “thank you for the birthday wishes” post. So I posted it on my personal Instagram account and Facebook instead. Rather than posting the photo twice and clogging up my followers feed with birthday cake, I decided to use this photo instead to represent a new day.

I took this photo on a cold winter day last year. There’s a field in behind the apartments I live in and I wanted to try and capture a sunrise. It was freezing cold but I remember being really proud of this photo. my favorite part of it is the gold and the blue sky. It all looks so warm.

Again, I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! My birthday was pretty chill. My coworkers were so sweet and got me some flowers, donuts and gift cards including a $20 gift card to Taco Bell. They know me so well….


Kyle got up early that morning and made me pancakes. After work, I came home and we made dinner together and just hung out and watched movies. I ended up going to bed by 9 lol. It was WILD!

Although, tonight we are dressing up and doing another celebratory birthday dinner with some friends and tomorrow we are taking on Dollywood!

Next week’s photo is “routine” which I have an idea for but I need Kyle’s participation so let’s hope that he will participate and not think I’m weird.










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