13/52 Daily Routine

ISO 3200 | f/3.5 | 1/30

Every morning I wake up, wrap myself in my blanket and drag myself to the kitchen where there’s a fresh half-pot of coffee waiting for me. I pour myself a cup, head back to my bedroom, plop myself on my medicine ball and start getting ready for work.

I didn’t drink coffee until my freshman year of college. My roommate had a Keurig and I thought it was sooooo cool. So I started drinking It before class. Of course, I would fill it halfway up with flavored creamer. It’s funny, I feel like my coffee-drinking habits matured as I did. The older I got, the less creamer I used and look at me now… I’m 24 and I drink my coffee black because I have it all together and I’m suuuperrr mature. lol actually, I learned to drink my coffee black because when I went home for breaks and during the summers, my parents never had creamer. I had no choice!

I’m trying to get Kyle to drink coffee with me. He’s is NOT a coffee drinker but he’s slowly starting to! He now will drink a cup on the weekends in the mornings. Obviously, he puts a crap-ton of creamer in it but it’s a start! I feel like coffee is a lot like beer…the more you drink it the better it taste.

So this week, I had to choose between this coffee photo and this photo….


But I figured I’d feature coffee over my adorable cat because I feel like I feature her too much and I should change it up. She is also a part of my morning routine (I also took this photo this morning). While I sit on my medicine ball and put on my makeup, she always hops on my lap and keeps me company while I get ready. She is just too dang cute. I love her like she is my child.

Anyways…as far as life in Tennessee goes, nothing really new has happened. OH EXCEPT  that I had the most awesome birthday ever!

So Friday, my friend Mandi, her boyfriend, Kyle and I all decided to get dressed up and go out to dinner. After we got dinner, we went to a bar and got some drinks. It was around 10 when we left the bar and Kyle wanted to go the Gatlinburg. I was sooo tired I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. He told me that there was a look-out he wanted to show me. So we drive to Gatlinburg and he pulls up to this cabin that, SURPRISE, him and Mandi rented out for the weekend! I was so surprised!

That night, we all spent the night in the cabin and got up early and spent the day at Dollywood. It was sooo much fun! I had been to Dollywood one other time a few years back and it was NOT that fun. But we had a BLAST. We didn’t have to wait much in lines and it was Kyles first time there so it was fun watching him enjoy it. We left around 6 and again, Kyle wanted to go to Gatlinburg to taste moonshine. And again, I wasn’t too keen on the idea. Dollywood tired me out! I was soooo exhausted I just wanted to go back to the cabin and nap. So we all stopped at Ole Smoky, tasted some shine and FINALLY headed back to the cabin. At this point, I was a bit cranky. We get back to the cabin, I walk in and all of a sudden I hear, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALY!!” and all these balloons come falling from the loft above! All of my friends were there, waiting for me!! I was so surprised and also impressed that Kyle had planned all of this! It was SO perfect and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I have to say that it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I have made some awesome friends in Tennessee. ❤






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