14/52 Animal


ISO 400 | 1/2000 | f/4.5

This week was suppose to be sun flare but I thought having a photoshoot with my dog would be more fun! So I decided to switch week 14 – Sun flare with week 16 – animal.

Everyone, this is Finley.


Ugh, just look at that face!! Soo many heart-eyes going on right now. ❤

He is a 10 week old Golden Retriever and we brought him home yesterday. My favorite thing about him is that he has white tips on all of his paws and a little white patch on his chest. Also his eyebrows are lighter as well.

We brought him home yesterday. It really was a spur-of -the-moment decision. We didn’t really have any plans to get a puppy but the opportunity came and we decided to go with it!

If anyone knows Kyle and I you’ll know how much we LOVE dogs. Ever since I graduated college I’ve been daydreaming about the day I get my own pup so this is literally a dream come true. You know how people think about their future kids name? We have that for our dogs. Like, we literally have a list of names for our future dogs. How we chose his name is that we pulled up a picture of him and went down the list to see which fit him best and Finley was the winner!

So far it’s been a decent transition. The cats still aren’t so sure. They’ll come out here and there but Finley doesn’t bark or chase them around. So far, they all just keep to themselves.

I already have like a billion pictures of this fella so I made him an Instagram. If you all are on Insta and want to see cute photos follow fin_thegolden. You wont regret it.




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