16/52 Hands


f/5.0 | ISO 800 | 1/250

I’m backkkkkk!

Ok, it’s been sooooo long since I’ve updated this blog. Basically what happened is that Kyle and I got a puppy and life got crazy!

Here’s a quick update on how life’s been…..

  1. We got a puppy!
  2. My family came to visit us down here and it was awesomeeeee.
  3. I got a new car.
  4. The month of May is crazy and insanely busy at work! But I made it through….
  5. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary at WonderWorks.
  6. Kyle and I moved to a bigger place in Seymour, TN and everyone is a lot happier.
  7. My best friend, Lauren came by and stayed with us for a bit.
  8. Kyle’s best friend, Zach also made the trip down and spent some time with us.
  9. Kyle started a new job.
  10. Kyle’s mom and step dad came down to visit.

So all of these big changes literally happened to us at once. No joke…it was one after another, after another and just kept piling up. It’s been an extremely stressful month but now that we’re all moved in and work has slowed down, we can finally relax.

Now that I have time to update this blog and finish my photo project, I’ll go into more detail on these life changes in future blogs. But for now, I’m just too excited about the photos I took today that I just want to share them with you. There’s a walking trail across the street from our place we took the dog and my camera out for some exercise. Enjoy!




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